How can I book my wedding/photo session?

A: First, send me an email with your desired date, and I will happily give you availability and pricing information. A deposit and signed contract are required to secure your wedding date. Weddings and sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis. If you're newly engaged, I cannot emphasize enough: book your photographer right away! It's crazy how many weddings can be planned for the same day, and it's not uncommon for me to get inquiries from different couples all interested in the same wedding weekend! For lifestyle sessions and other non-wedding photo shoots, advance payment in full is required in order to secure your session date and time.



How will we receive our images? Do we buy prints from you?

A: I will send your photos via an online client gallery. The photos will be in high-resolution, and ready for immediate download. I include printing rights for all of my clients' photo bookings - this means you can make as many prints, photo books, canvas wraps, announcements, cards, or really anything else you can imagine, from the files I send you!



Can we edit the images you send us? What about posting on Instagram or Facebook?

I don't allow clients to edit or alter the images I send. When you're hiring me as your photographer, you're not just paying for me to show up with my camera - you're also commissioning me to spend hours carefully editing and retouching each image I send to you. My signature style isn't just how I take a photo, but how I transform it to its final state! As far as posting and sharing your photos on social media, I'm always so excited to see my photos pop up! I do require that clients give proper photo credit each time one of my photos is posted. I know it might not seem like a big deal, but it's so, so helpful to my business when images are credited.



We have a friend/relative at the wedding that loves taking photos - is it okay if they're also taking photos on the big day?

I love that your family and friends are excited to celebrate with you, but I kindly ask that wedding guests refrain from taking their own photos [whether it be with their own camera or just their phone] during formal portraits. Having your guests take photos can slow down our limited time [which already goes by very quick!], and flashes from cameras other than ours can affect how your final, professional images come out.


What's the difference between printing rights and copyrights?

In a nutshell, copyrights belong to the owner of an image. Printing rights don't give someone ownership of an image, but give them permission to make copies. I retrain the copyrights to all of the images I take, but give all of my clients printing rights!


Can I see and have all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding/session?

No, but I promise that you are getting the best! Don't worry - I give you the cream of the crop, and trash all the half-blinking faces, double chins, and mid-sentence portraits ;) If you're thinking, "It seems like you took a lot more photos than we received in our final gallery," please understand that through the course of the day, test shots are required to make sure lighting and focus are perfect, and that those treasured, candid moments of laughter or tears can take a few shots to capture at just the right time.